"....How do we change the way we change the way we feel..."


My art always represents the idea that the beauty and amazement of a moment is found in self reflection. I have travelled the world for many years. Everywhere I go, the constant focus of my work always relates back to the indigenous people of the first nations around the world and their descendants. I was born in La Paz Bolivia and come from the Aymara people of the Andes Mountains. The protection of the Andes Mountains has preserved many traditions of my people from the influence of European Colonization. My hometown is the highest city in the world, at 12,000 feet above sea level. Altitude sickness, mountainous terrain, and constant landslides, have all done a great job to deter people from joining the community. Sadly, the constant conflicts of the nation resulted in my family’s displacement in the 80’s. Since then I have become a US citizen, accomplished college graduate of the Fine Arts, and a striving artist. Finding my roots, living in Bolivia as an adult, has been the defining inspiration to my ambitions as an artist. I want my art to inspire the communities of the world to find pride in their own communities and grow together.

Raíz, also known as Pablo Moisés Ruiz Arroyo is a fine artist inspired by surrealism. Having journeyed the world leaving murals as he goes along has been his career. Coming from La Paz, Bolivia, a country surrounded by the Andes mountain of many indigenous cultures, has been a huge inspiration to his art and life. 

After being involved in the art world of Bolivia, he dedicated a year to travel north to California from Bolivia by land. He lived off painted murals, street performance, and chalk art as he traveled to California. He then traveled to Australia and left murals as he traveled the east and west coast living solely from his art. Soon after he passed through South East Asia leaving murals in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. After briefly returning to the USA for a mural conference he found himself in New Zealand painting more murals. After leaving to travel to Central America and Europe, to continue painting the world, he decided to return to New Zealand. After finishing a youth mentorship art program as director under an artist residency in Tauranga New Zealand, he has since then returned to San Francisco California. During his time in San Francisco he has been involved in various communal outreach murals partnered with local communities such as Precita Eyes Murals and the San Francisco Arts Committee. He has been involved in various public art projects in hopes of beautifying communities for the benefit of its people.



Virginia Commonwealth University – Richmond, Virginia, USA 2005-2009

Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with focus in Communication Arts

Professional in areas of commercial art with education in digital and traditional medias, experience in commercial marketing

Lake Braddock Secondary School – Burke, Virginia, USA 1992- 2003

Advanced High School Degree




(freelance travelling artist for 6 years)

  • muralist

  • proficient in drafting concept art

  • proficient in children’s book illustrations and magazine spot illustrations

  • graphic designer in logos, advertisement media, publicity material etc.

  • video editor

  • traditional painter

  • digital painter




“From California to Chile”
Pena Cultural Center, Berkeley CA, USA
May 2019

“Richeson75 International Competition Small Works”
Richeson School of Art & Gallery, Kimberly WI USA
February-April 2019

“Miniatures-big art small packages”
Monmouth Museum, NJ USA
January-March 2019

Solo Show
Coffee Mission, San Francisco CA USA
October 2018

“On My Mind”
Pop up gallery, Fashion District, LA USA
June 2018

Art of the Mill Exhibition – individual installation painting, No Fixed Gallery event, Woodend Victoria, AU
Feb, 2016

“Bern the System”
The Fridge, Washington DC USA
June 2016

“Bern the System”
The Fridge, Washington DC USA
June 2016

Collaborative exposition with Rosmery Mamani, Arte San Miguel, La Paz Bolivia,
September 2015

“Animal Show”

Creative IQ, San Francisco CA, USA
July 2015

“Sueños y Deseos”

IMA Espacio Creativo, La Paz Bolivia,

Diciembre 2013



“Home Grown”
Youth Mural Program with Roosevelt Middle School students at the East Bay Asian Youth Center,
Oakland, California
June, 2021

Collaborative mural with fellow artist Pancho Pescador at the Tiny Homes Project by the Youth Spirits Organization
Oakland, California
February, 2021

“Dignidad, Respeto, Justicia”
A wood panel mural collaboration installed on the border wall to the USA from Mexico
Tijuana, Mexico
November, 2020

“Birds of the Americas”
Mural painting in collaboration with fellow local San Francisco Artists in honor of fallen members of the community at 23rd St and Folsom St
Mission District, San Francisco California, USA
September, 2020

“The Primal Sea”

Public art restoration and addition for SF Arts Commission at Garfield Square, 

Mission District, San Francisco California, USA

August, 2020

“Life in Color”

Mural painting for Kauno Clinic,

Inner Richmond, San Francisco California, USA

July, 2020

Restaurant Exterior Mural Painting During COVID - Cassava Cuisine restaurant
Outer Richmond, San Francisco California, USA
May 2020

“Fuerza Bolivia”

Public art on Lilac Alley, between 24th and 25th street, curated by Lisa Brewer, 

Mission District, San Francisco California, USA

November, 2019

“City underwater”

Public art on Lucky Street, between 24th and 25th street, curated by Lisa Brewer, 

Mission District, San Francisco California, USA

November, 2019


Public Art in Incubator Space of Historical Village, 

Tauranga, Bay of Plenty New Zealand

April, 2019

“KPOO Music”

Public Art for Public Radio Station KPOO, San Francisco California

November, 2018


Public Art on Pueblo San Marcos of Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

August 2018


First Nation Community Inspired Public Art for Laboratory Artist Residency Program, Spokane Washington

August 2018